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The Anonymous is a political voice and one of the most influential people in the world of Terra Ignota. The title of Anonymous is passed down to the first person to accurately deduce the identity of the previous Anonymous, and their identities are typically only revealed after the rise of their successor's successor. The outgoing Anonymous archives a record of the transfer in MASON's Sanctum Santorum to be used as a mechanism for authenticating Anonymous should the need ever arise.

While the Anonymous is not by nature a member of any given Hive, for over a century they have been interfering with and propping up the Cousins' Advisory Board. They are also often popular with the Humanists.

As of the year 2456, there have been 10 people to hold the title of The Anonymous. Not all of them are named within the books. The ones revealed in the books include:

  • Aurel Gallet, the First Anonymous (referenced in Too Like the Lightning, Chapter 5, "Aristotle's House")
  • Vivien Ancelet, the Seventh Anonymous
  • Mycroft Canner, the Eighth Anonymous
  • Outis, the Ninth Anonymous
  • Carlyle Foster, the Tenth Anonymous