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Saladin is Mycroft Canner's lover and ba'sib, believed to have died during the explosion that killed the Canner bash'. Severely damaged in the accident, Saladin's skin and body was regrown by Mycroft using some of his own skin, and his existence was kept secret by tricking his tracker into believing he was Mycroft's dog. Together, he and Mycroft performed the Canner Murders, though only Mycroft was caught.

In the events of Terra Ignota, Saladin resurfaces to aid Mycroft in protecting Bridger, whereupon Saladin gains the nickname of "Mycroft's scary friend." Eventually, Saladin is defeated in combat by Dominic Seneschal and is imprisoned by Madame D'Arouet. He is so impressed with Madame's predatory nature that he willingly joins her as one of her servants. She repeats the dog tracker trick, turning him into someone's loyal dog yet again.


Saladin has dark brown skin covered with scars, but cannot grow hair.


Unlike Mycroft, whose horrific deeds were somewhat complicated by his nobler intentions, Saladin is a true amoral hunter.