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Ojiro Cardigan "Cardie" Sniper is a member of the Saneer-Weeksbooth bash' and has achieved world-wide celebrity for its Olympic achievements and role as a living doll. Some speculate that Sniper could have been President of the Humanists due to its popularity, and that it is the only reason Ganymede was elected.

After the existence of O.S. is revealed, Sniper becomes the thirteenth O.S. and goes into hiding, swearing to assassinate J.E.D.D. Mason and inspiring the Hiveguard movement. Very soon after, it is captured by an unknown assailant and held for weeks, until it was released three days before the 140th Olympiad.


Sniper has a "light, athletic, nymphlike figure, with a childish face and slender, androgynous limbs." Its eyes are "huge like a child, [and] almost black." In general, its appearance is intentional vague, allowing itself to be used as a life doll and assumed to be any number of ethnicities, genders, and sexs.


Sniper is close with its bash'mates and is beloved by most of the known world as a celebrity. It often trained with Mycroft Canner.