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Capital: Tōgenkyō (Indonesia)

Hive Language: None (English)

Form of Government: Shareholder Democracy (Corporate Timocracy)

Current Leader: Acting Chief Director Dominic Sensechal

The Mitsubishi value land and nature, both in the sense of hiking, strolling through gardens, and caring for the environment, and in the sense of considering land the most valuable economic asset, the best route to power. The Mitsubishi are exemplars of twenty-fifth-century respect for natural ecosystems, having learned from the ecological disasters of the twenty-first through twenty-fourth centuries. Most, though certainly not all, Mitsubishi are of East Asian ancestry, since the focus on land and celebrating the Earth resonates with many aspects of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and other East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures. The Hive developed out of the current multinational Mitsubishi corporate group, and all Mitsubishi members are considered shareholders, holding one share for being a member, and additional shares for owning property—gainging more votes for more property encourages members to acquire land, and thus bring more wealth to the Mitsubishi as a whole. The Mitsubishi own the majority of land on Earth, including valuable urban properties which they develop, and vast swathes of wilderness which they protect and study. The Mitsubishi and European Union are something of a cultural binary, rising from different regions of the Earth, but they actually have a great deal in common, since they are the two Hives concerned with ethnic groups, historic and regional politics, and whose members take pride in speaking their many ancestral languages. The Mitsubishi flag is based on the old Mitsubishi group’s logo representing “three red water caltrops” which is what the characters 三菱 mean, but with the addition of smaller leaf-green central diamonds commemorating the future Mitsubishi’s historic merger with the environmentalist Greenpeace Hive.[1]

Known Mitsubishi[]