Terra Ignota Wiki


Capital: Alexandria

Hive Language: Latin

Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy

Current Leader: Emperor Cornel MASON

People who value strength, authority, and power join the Masons. Legends claim that the Masons are descended from Masonic lodges, and before that from an ancient secret empire that has been pulling history’s strings from the shadows since the birth of civilization. While many people think that is just propaganda, the claim of ancient power gives the Empire an air of awe and authority. The Masonic Emperor, called MASON, exercises absolute power, but since it’s as easy to leave a Hive as it is to join it, the Emperor is kept in check by the fact that any tyranny would instantly cause members to leave and join other Hives. Forced to rule well in order to attract members, the Emperors have traditionally been severe but fair. Masons learn and speak Latin—part of the Hive’s mystique of antiquity—and MASON is generally recognized as the most powerful person in the world, a severe and stern patriarch, the world’s Father if the Chair of the Cousins are the world’s kind and nurturing Mother. Masonic law is strict, and severe, but many people find that an attractive form of strength. The Masonic flag is the old square and compass of the Masonic order, in royal purple on a background of iron gray. Traditionally purple and gray are not used in flags, and flag experts say this is because gray is hard to see at a distance and purple dyes were difficult and unstable at pre-modern tech levels, but Masons claim it is because all nations in history have respected the colors of the Secret Empire and not dared to use them.

Known Masons[]