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Martin Guildbreaker is an important Mason and agent of the Alliance polylaw investigative branch, whose investigations into the stolen Black Sakura Seven-Ten list instigate much of the plot of the Terra Ignota series.

As a close confidante of Emperor Cornel MASON, Martin is a Familiaris Regni, an Imperial Nepos, the first member of the Ordo Vitae Dialogorum (the Order of the Life of Debate), and the designated successor to the Masons should J.E.D.D. Mason temporarily refuse the position.


Martin is of "vaguely Persian" descent, with brown skin and black hair.[1] He usually wears an impeccable square-breasted Mason's suit, "light marble gray", with the one white sleeve of the Annus Diologorum and the dark armband of a Familiaris Regni.[2]


Martin is an intensely loyal Mason and servant of both Cornel MASON and J.E.D.D. Mason. He is a skilled investigator, good at keeping control of his emotions, and operates in a serious, by-the-book manner. He is friendly with Mycroft.


  1. His hair is black, his skin a healthy, vaguely Persian brown, but I will not bore you with the genetics of a line that has not worn a nation- strat insignia these ten generations.- Too Like the Lightning, Chapter 2: The Most Important People in the World
  2. A square-breasted Mason’s suit, light marble gray, and crisp with that time-consuming perfection only seen in those who perfect their appearances for another’s sake, a butler for his master, a bride for her beloved, or Martin for his Emperor. A darker armband, black-edged Imperial Gray with the Square & Compass on it, declares him a Familiaris Regni, an intimate of the Masonic throne, who walks the corridors of power at the price of subjecting himself by law and contract to the absolute dictum of Caesar’s will. Martin wears no strat insignia, not even for a hobby, nothing beyond his one white sleeve announcing permanent participation in that most Masonic rite the Annus Dialogorum. - Too Like the Lightning, Chapter 2: The Most Important People in the World