Terra Ignota Wiki

Capital: Buenos Aires

Hive Language: Spanish

Form of Government: Flexible Constitution Democracy 

Current Leader: President Vivien Ancelet 

The Humanists focus on human excellence, especially competition and celebrity. Members tend to be athletes, performers, artists, orators, chess whizzes, and also enthusiastic fans, people who really enjoy sports, bonding over competition, going to concerts, and socializing around outstanding human feats. Humanists take pride in all Hive members working to be their best in some way, and celebrating a billion different kinds of excellence. Their laws tend to be permissive, valuing independence and self-determination. Their “flexible constitution democracy” means the government changes form depending on how much unanimity there is in an election—when one candidate wins by a landslide there is a very powerful executive presidency balanced by a senate; when it’s close there are co-Consuls or triumvirs; when there are many frontrunners there is a parliament. That way outstanding leaders wield great power, but checks are put on power in times of doubt. The Humanist flag shows the superfast flying cars that make this new interconnected global order possible (stylized as flying Vs), circling the Olympic rings, which in this future have a sixth ring, since the familiar five rings represent the five continents that have hosted the Olympics, and in this future Antarctica has hosted the Winter Games, thanks to technology pioneered by the Moon base and the Mars terraforming program.

Known Humanists[]