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Capital: Romanova

Hive Language: N/A

Form of Government: Senatorial Alliance

There is another option for those who don’t identify with any of the seven Hives. The balance among the seven Hives is kept by an organization called the Universal Free Alliance, often referred to be the name of its capital city, Romanova. Romanova handles Hive registration, Hive switching, complex legal cases involving multiple Hives, tracks the world economy, and handles worldwide issues like pollution, and the rights of minors. Romanova hosts a Senate with representatives from all Hives, which advises the Hives and the neutral Romanovan police.

Romanova also cares for the Hiveless, people who choose not to join any Hive but are protected by Romanova directly through a set of carefully-crafted neutral laws. Romanova offers three sets of laws which people can choose among: a standard moderate Gray Law, a more restrictive White Law for those who (like the Cousins) feel that more restrictive social legislation is better for society, and a minimal Black Law for those who don’t want to be bound by any law. For Blacklaws even murder is legal (though only of other Blacklaws), and they live in self-selected anarchistic territories, governed only the “Seven Universal Laws” which Romanova requires of all members of the Hives and Hiveless, and which ban only very basic things such as torturing children, or unleashing mass destruction endangering tens of thousands of lives.

While some Hiveless are Hiveless simply because no Hive feels like them, others take great pride in being citizens of the world, answering to no authority other than the Tribunes they elect to veto movements in the Senate that endanger Hiveless liberty. The Alliance flag shows the blue of the Earth, with a belt of white, gray and black representing Hiveless law, surrounded by fields of gold—representing prosperity—and blue—representing the skies and liberty—balanced by white—peace. A circle of Vs represent the flying cars that enabled the new order, circling counterclockwise to represent a new direction for humanity. The selection of blue and gold, and the circle, invoke the European Union flag, the prototype of the Hive system. Hiveless use their own variants on Romanova’s flag, focused on black, white, or gray.

Known Hiveless[]


  • Castel Natekari
  • Dominic Seneschal
  • Madame D'Arouet


  • Ektor Papadelias
  • Jung Su-Hyeon Ancelet Kosala
  • Toshi Mitsubishi
  • Tully Mardi