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Capital: Ingoldstadt

Hive Language: German

Form of Government: Brain Bash

Current Leader: Headmaster Felix Faust

Gordian is administered by a think tank called its “Brain bash’” selected by the Adolf Riktor Brill Institute of Psychotaxonomic Science. Founded by a psychologist who made great leaps in cognitive analysis, Brill’s Institute probes the mysteries of the human brain, hoping to find ways to maximize, not only productivity and intelligence, but originality and dynamism. Brillists use an elaborate rating system to measure people’s psychological development on many different scales, assigning each individual a string of numbers (9-3-3-11-10-4-3-10 or 7-5-13-9-3-9-3-11) which are incomprehensible to outsiders but let Brillists predict enormous amounts about people’s behavior, unique skills, and potentials. Gordian used to be the largest Hive, but when one of its Chairman became excited by Brill’s psychological research decided to hand governance of the Hive over to Brill’s institute, many people left, so it is now the second-smallest Hive, containing only Brillists, excited by the idea of unlocking the brain’s hidden depths. The Gordian flag features a brain-like knot in gold, a color which, in flag language, represents wealth and potential, shown against a field of blood, the biological sea which surrounds the brain, and outlined in black, the darkness of what is not yet known.

Known Gordians[]