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Ganymede Jean-Louis de la Trémoïlle, Duc de Thouars is a Humanist and former President of the Humanists. Genetically engineered to be a perfect version of French nobility, Ganymede is known for being incredibly beautiful and popular. He is the twin of Danaë Marie-Anne de la Trémoïlle Mitsubishi and the lover of Hotaka Ando Mitsubishi. Presently, he has been imprisoned by the Universal Free Alliance due to his role in the O.S. assassinations.


Ganymede is consistently described as one of the most beautiful people on the planet, inspiring an entire art movement to recasting his likeness for other famous historical, religious, or mythological figures. He has alabaster skin, a "golden mane," and his eyes are "blue like the blue of diamonds and star sapphires." He usually wears fine clothes swathed with lace and embroidery in gold, ivory, or sometimes blue.

Nude, he is a god.


Due to his upbringing in Madame D'Arouet's bash', Ganymede was raised to believe he is true nobility, worthy of admiration and obedience by the rest of humanity. He is a lover of art (much of it of himself), and is often jealous of the actual noble lineage of the King of Spain.

Notably, he is one of the few main characters to not particularly like Apollo Mojave.