Terra Ignota Wiki

Capital: Brussels

Hive Language: French

Form of Government: National Parliamentary Democracy

From its foundation, the European Union was designed to evolve over time, and in this future that flexibility has helped it survive even the dissolution of geographic nations. The European Union is the favorite Hive of people who care deeply about their national or ethnic heritages and identities, and want those identities (I am French, I am Ukranian, I am Filippino/a) to have a voice in their government. This future EU is still run by a parliament of representatives from all its member nations, which has expanded to include a huge range of groups and identities, from Canada to Madagascar. Members tend to take great pride in their languages, cultures, and histories, aligning strongly with their heritages no matter where in the world they live. Since the European Union predates all the other Hives, the other Hives used it as the model for how to regulate large, mixing populations over huge distances, and members take pride in the EU as a forefather and mentor for all Hives. This EU still uses the original EU flag, with a ring of twelve gold stars on a deep, oceanic blue—in flag terms, gold usually represents prosperity, and deep blue Earth’s vast, shared seas.

Known Europeans[]