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Capital: Casablanca

Hive Language: English

Form of Government: Board of Trustees and Suggestion Box

Current Leader: Chairperson Bryar Kosala

Cousins are the constructive nurturers of this world, valuing cooperation and kindness. They run schools and hospitals, caring for orphans, making sure prisons are humane, workplaces safe, and playgrounds delightful. The Cousins evolved out of a social club for people who had to travel alone, who would meet up with a volunteer “Cousin” who would show them around a new place, and offer hospitality, so in the beginning they were just run by a volunteer board and a suggestion box—and two hundred years later they are still run that way, by hardworking volunteers who dutifully check and act on every suggestion box submission from their nearly two billion members. For their own members their laws are the most restrictive of all Hives in terms of behavior—banning prostitution and most recreational drugs, mandating many aspects of education and medicine—but their courts are the gentlest in terms of punishment, always thinking in terms of rehabilitation, never retribution. The Cousins are the most beloved Hive in the eyes of others, and all Hives depend on them for social services, and to be a kind and neutral intermediary in inter-Hive strife. Their flag shows two hands joined together to form a dove, and in flag color meanings white represents peace, and cyan the freedom of the seas and skies—the same colors used by the United Nations.

Known Cousins[]