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Carlyle Foster is a prominent character in the events of Terra Ignota, and at the start of the series is a Cousin and the newly-assigned sensayer to the Saneer-Weeksbooth bash'. Carlyle stumbles upon Bridger and is brought into the confidence of Mycroft Canner and Thisbe Saneer.

Carlyle is a gag-gene, and her parentage is tied into the backstory of the world's powers. She is the child of Merion Kraye and Danaë Marie-Anne de la Trémoïlle Mitsubishi, conceived in secret by her mother as a test that her father subsequently failed. Therefore, her existence cemented the alliance between Madame D'Arouet, the Humanists (through Ganymede), and the Mitsubishi, through Ando).

She is a personal prodigy of Julia Doria-Pamphili, and assisted her for many years in bringing new parishioners into Julia's sway. She eventually reveals Thisbe's involvement in O.S. to Ektor Papadelias, brings down Julia, and reveals the existence of Bridger to J.E.D.D. Mason.

Eventually, in a dark night of the soul, Carlyle rejects her status as a Cousin and sensayer and becomes a Hiveless (Blacklaw).


Carlyle is a young person of "European enough" ancestry, with long, nearly blonde hair and a gaunt body. She most often wears a Cousin's wrap and a worn, gray-green sensayer's scarf.


At the beginning of the series, Carlyle is a Deist, though upon meeting Bridger and going through a session with her captor/sensayer Dominic Seneschal, she begins to believe in a more interventionist God.