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Achilles Mojave, also known as The Major, is the legendary figure of Achilles brought to life by the miracle Child Bridger, transforming his own body into Achilles'. As the only figure alive in the world of Terra Ignota who remembers or understands war, he is sought after by all the world powers to aid in them in the coming War.

As the legendary Achilles, he remembers the Trojan War and life as an epic Greek hero. As the Major, he remembers fighting in the World Wars. As a representative of Achilles from Apollo Mojave's rewrite of The Iliad, he remembers fighting in a version of the upcoming War with giant robots.


Achilles is proportioned like a man but is the size of a boy, because he was given life by Bridger transforming himself. His appearance is generally like that of a hardened war veteran, although he has features similar to those of Apollo Mojave. He has long curly hair.

Before his second transformation at the end of Seven Surrenders, Achilles resembled a War War toy soldier brought to life.


Achilles is the ideal warrior; tough and uncompromising, though also melancholy and all-too-aware of the horrors of war.


He was a fierce guardian and protector of the miracle child Bridger, as well as a close ally of Mycroft Canner. His soldier Pointer is actually his friend and lover Patroclus, and his recent alliance with Cornel MASON appears to also have a romantic or sexual component, as revealed by Felix Faust at the end of The Will to Battle.

He has a loyal army of Servicers that Mycroft calls his "myrmidons."